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Today's Program

Creating Space for God’s Spirit

The room is in the round. A central table holds the Journey lamp plus lots and lots of candles of different kinds and a few bright spotlights shining at ceiling, like opening night. Bread and juice are ready to serve at four stations. The big Garden Grow flower panel for the spring fundraiser is on the table by the front doors. Colors for this series are bright but not gaudy – but it’s about showing up and power and God’s Spirit being real and alive.

  • “Rich Woman” by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant plays
  • A Journeyer steps up to light the lamp and another rings the bell

Standing Together as a Community

  • We celebrate the baptism of the newest addition to the Keeth family

Gathering Our Spirit with God's Spirit

  • Announcements – how Journey is God’s Hands in the world
  • We take up the spring fundraiser “How Does Our Garden Grow?” offering, including shapes to put on big board, while a video about giving and how we choose to use our power plays:
  • Rick welcomes us, talks about series
  • We honor our brothers and sisters who have served in the military
  • Say hello to someone near you
  • Take a breath...

Worshiping with Our Children

  • A Journeyer leads our children in talking about change

In the Bible, Jesus’ friends were sad because Jesus had been with them as their teacher and then he said he had to go be back with God. He had been teaching them to do powerful things like help people, heal people when they were sick, feed hungry people. Have you ever left one grade and gone to the next grade? Or left one city and moved to another? It can feel sad and scary. But Jesus told them he would be with them, in their hearts, and it was true! And God’s love is still with us, right now. Let’s thank God for that.

Exploring God’s Spirit and Our Spirit

  • A video clip from The Wizard of Oz plays 
  • Two Journeyers read from the early Christian scripture called the Gospel According to John, chapter 19

Then Pilate had Jesus flogged with a lead-tipped whip. The soldiers made a crown of long, sharp thorns and put it on his head, and they put a royal purple robe on him. "Hail! King of the Jews!" they mocked, and they hit him with their fists. Pilate went outside again and said to the people, "I am going to bring him out to you now, but understand clearly that I find him not guilty." Then Jesus came out wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe. And Pilate said, "Here is the man!" The leading priests and Temple guards, when they saw him, began shouting at Pilate, "Crucify! Crucify!"

"You crucify him," Pilate said. "I find him not guilty." The Jewish leaders replied, "By our laws he ought to die because he called himself the Son of God." When Pilate heard this, he was more concerned than ever. He took Jesus back into the headquarters again and asked him, "Where are you from?" But Jesus gave no answer. "You won't talk to me?" Pilate demanded. "Don't you realize that I have the power to release you or to crucify you?" Then Jesus said, "You would have no power over me at all unless it were given to you from what is above you.”

  • Julie Ann sings "Beautiful Life" by Charlotte Martin

Telling The Story and Our Story

  • Rick talks
  • We share God’s power through Holy Communion

Rick invites us to make four lines outward from the central table. Rick serves the first four people, then each person serves the next person in line. The server says, “The power of God that lives in Christ,” and the receiver responds, “I embrace God’s power living in me.” Then the receiver becomes the server, and so on. Music plays throughout.

Giving -- To Help God Do God's Work in This World

  • A Journeyer says an offering prayer
  • Julie Ann sings "Agnus Dei" by Michael W. Smith as the ushers pass the baskets

Go Out to Serve with [No] Power

  • Leslie talks
  • Leslie dismisses us
  • “Rich Woman” plays again as folks clean up the room