March 5 - April 30, 2006

Following Jesus requires that we leave what is -- often comfortable and safe -- to walk on to where He wants to use us, even if those closest to us do not understand our choices

Following Jesus often requires that we leave behind the security of our possessions and our identity to walk on to where Jesus redefines for us what true security and identity really are.

Following Jesus often requires us to disregard our culture’s view of what defines success in our community and world.

Following Jesus often requires us to admit that the work of Jesus can fall outside of the realm of the predictable…that following Jesus involves a willingness to expect and embrace the supernatural.

Following Jesus often requires that we resist the temptation to succumb to the most basic of urges -- self-preservation -- in order to walk on to a place where we will be required, like Jesus, to offer up our lives to God in sacrifice and humility.

Following Jesus often means that we must have the courage to acknowledge and address the failings of the church in our culture, to walk on to a model that is less about structure and image, and more about loving the world the way Jesus does.

Following Jesus motivates us as we walk on, to share with others the good news of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, and how our lives have been transformed by his sacrifice and love…

Often as we walk on, we encounter times of grief, apathy, numbness and despair along the road. Recognizing Jesus' presence with us in these times…often in the smallest of ways…will sustain us as we seek to follow Him.

As we follow Jesus, even the most faithful of us will experience failure and defeat. It is during these times that Jesus meets us on the shores of life and reminds us that He forgives us and trusts us to continue to walk on and serve Him.


Leaving Home

Leaving Security

Leaving Success

Leaving Limitations

Leaving Survival and Self-Preservation

Leaving Empty, Meaningless Religion

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving Numbness and Despair

Leaving Failure and Defeat