December 3, 2017 - January 7, 2018.

December 3, 2017 - January 7, 2018.

Listening. Reflecting. Going within to look for and listen for what God is doing in what seems to be darkness, boredom, secrecy, when it feels as if nothing is happening. Something is absolutely happening: gestation, rooting, growing, preparing. What is God preparing within you – for you and for the world?

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As we begin our 2017 Advent series, we will look at our own resistance to waiting – and we’ll share believing that there is hope and growth in seeming darkness.


As our 2017 Advent series continues, we are listening together, to what is growing and being prepared, within and around us.


In this third week or our Advent series, we consider holding – holding space, holding what we have been given to carry, just holding on. Music from Grace Pettis.


It's Christmas Eve at last. Finally! Tonight is about light in the midst of darkness. Let's welcome what God has been doing within us and for us and through us.


We wait and wait and it can feel agonizing and interminable… until one moment, one day, one season, we look around and realize that what we were waiting for has been un-covered, dis-covered, opened to our eyes. Let’s celebrate that The Waiting brings what we hoped was coming  and that we can see it.


As we finish our 2017 Advent series, we remind ourselves to attend to – pay attention to – and serve – what is being born in and through us.