July 3 - October 9, 2016.

What can we learn from the tasty goodness of snacks? In this unit, we will explore the teachings of cookies, donuts, and other tasty treats.

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The Oreo — Wonder

We'll see what the Oreo can teach us about wonder and openness and discovery. And we'll see some cool video clips. And we'll experience a Psalm in a new way. See you there!

Powdered Donuts — Residue

In Week 2 of The Theology of Snacks, we're looking at how Love leaves a mark, residue, memories. We are changed by those who have loved us, whether they knew it or not. To celebrate those reverberations and echoes is to acknowledge the power of love, of sacrifice, and of courage. Let's eat and celebrate.

Goldfish — Against the Stream

This week we celebrate 12 years of Journey and its willingness to do the courageous thing. Y'all come!

The Language of the Spirit

We're taking a little break from the snacks this week as special guest Nathan Brown will share his gifts with us in song, story, and poetry. Don't miss it!

Potato Chips — No One Can Eat Just One

This week, we're going to look at mindfulness and the tendency to run right past something good — and then our desire to repeat what was good, or remanufacture it, or bottle it... Gonna be fun.

Twinkies — The Big Lie

The Spirt of the Living God is not against Twinkies per se, right? But there are paths and messages and practices that have more artificial crap in them, and ones that have less artificial crap in them. Let's sit with that. And make room for the good stuff.

Circus Peanuts and the Opportunity of Openness

Everybody seems to have an opinion about the weird candy that's shaped like a big peanut that is orange colored but tastes like banana flavoring. Some people love 'em; some people really hate 'em. Why do we get so attached to opinions and expectations? Why do some things just make us happy, and why do some things just bug the heck out of us? And what does Jesus have to show us about a path of openness in the midst of also being real human persons with assumptions, preferences, and prejudices? Join the exploration and conversation.

Pretzels and Interdependence

This week, we’ll reflect on the differences between intertwining in a healthy way and the jangling bunched up knots of the unhealthy way — or the lonely, untangled, unsupported way — of being human alongside God and others.

Ice Cream — Work While It Is Day

Melted ice cream can be really good but sometimes it's best when it's still cold, fresh from the freezer or the ice cream machine. Some things God gives us to do — actions, gifts, courageous things, compassionate things — can wait. Some cannot. Jesus says, when there is work to do for God, do it. If you're afraid, get centered and then move. Let's look at that. And there will be ice cream!

Popcorn — Opening and Becoming

We'll talk about cracking open that hard kernel and seeing what can emerge and grow and become and discover — and, y'know, eat popcorn!

Chocolate — The Do-Over

Chocolate can change — change texture, change form, change color, change shape — and it's still chocolate. We can change, too; in fact, if we don't, we become stale and lifeless, or rigid and judgmental. The Spirit changes and moves; Jesus said we must become open and let go of our self-centered insistence on how things should be. Let's see how that tastes...

M&M's — Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands

I like ideas about faith and Jesus and love and courage. Sometimes I like them less when actually doing those things requires me to stretch. But Jesus says that if we only hear his words and don't do them, we've missed the point — loosely translated by the Red Hot Chili Peppers as "What I say, you got to get it, put it in you." Let's spend time together with what it means to actually take the truth and power of God into ourselves and be changed by it.

Skittles — Bring the Rainbow

It's a day about looking at what I bring — as I follow Jesus, as a Journeyer, as someone showing up with intention in this world. All those Skittles can be a lovely handful of colors; they can also make pictures, and shapes, and a rainbow. It’s all in how we decide to show up.

Bread of Heaven

This week in our Snacks series, we will explore that great Biblical snack — manna. As we spend time with the bread of Heaven, we will consider what it means — in real life — to be truly filled.

Finding – and Following What You Found

What is in your heart? What is your gift? Are you finding it? As you find it, follow it. Sunday is also Leslie Diamond's last day on staff at Journey (she'll still be a Journeyer!) so during the final part of worship, we'll be thanking her for her decade+ of service to this faith community.