March 30 - June 15, 2008

Part of the information-age, postmodern condition is a sense of alienation. How did I get here? And does my life – my choices, what happens to me, what I experience – even matter? God’s message throughout the Bible and in our faith community is that what happens to us does matter. And what we choose matters. We believe that God is at work in the world, in every life, in every moment, and that we have a part to play in that Great Big Story. We’re exploring how God is a part of The Story we’re a part of.


Once Upon a Time...

Courage and Caution

Scarcity and Generosity

Deadness and Creativity

Blindness and Revelation

Separateness and Community

Creativity and Spirituality: Spirit Whispers Sunday

Listening and Distraction

Stuckness and Motion

Structure and Freedom

Scorekeeping and Forgiveness

Forgiveness and Reconciliation