July 28 - September 29, 2013

The argument that science and religion can't mix is probably not true; the argument that science and FAITH don't go together is, in Journey's view, completely wrong. Science is the study of what is - biology, mathematics, thermodynamics, meteorology, physics - the creation and how it works. Guess what: faith says that it's God who creates creation. In which case, what can those branches of science show us about the God who created the creation? Come join in - we're doing science experiments and faith experiments together.



Mathematics: One Thing Leads to Another

Chemistry, Alchemy, and Discovery

Thermodynamics: Expansion and Leaving Where I Was

Magnetism: Out of the Question and into the Mystery

Labor Day: The Least of These

Dispersion: Spirit Changes Things -- Taste the Rainbow

Deposition: Dry Bones – Vapor into Hope

Physick: Catalase and Antisepsis

Geology: The Layers Shift and the Ground Explodes