May 24 - August 16, 2015.

Recently we did "Leaving and Arriving." Now we want to share stories about the journeys, paths, trips we take -- and the lessons and losses and growth those journeys bring. We'll be asking for you to share those lessons and awarenesses as we go, if you choose to. And we'll hear stories from the Bible and other sources, about others who've gone before us on the roads of discovery, courage, healing, pain, peace, return, etc.

oil painting of a person walking on a forest road

Step Out Onto the Road

I Didn’t Know I Was Being Prepared

This Wasn’t What I Planned

Here I Am

Hope and Faith

Just Keep Eating This Together

Your Superpower

Traveling Together

Road Work

When It’s Time to Go

I’ve Been Here Before … Haven’t I?

Road Rage

On My Way