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Today's Program

Creating Space for God’s Spirit

The room is in the round. Hung randomly here and there, around and among where we’re sitting (enough to break the visual field, but not enough so that we can't see, but maybe enough to be a bit irritating) are vertical strips of color, such as ribbons, runners, crepe paper. The cross is back out.

  • “Blowin’ in the Wind” by Bob Dylan plays loud enough to get people’s attention
  • A Journeyer steps up to light the lamp and another rings the bell three times

Worshiping with Our Children

  • A Journeyer leads our children in talking about being who you are

What color eyes do you have? What color hair do you have? Some people are very tall; some are not as tall. Some people like to run and play outside, and some like to read, and some like to draw. What’s sad is that lots of times, we wish we were something we aren’t. If we’re tall, we worry we’re too tall; if we aren’t fast runners, we wish we were. But the Bible says that God created every one of us to be special, unlike anyone else. God knows everything about us and created us — tall or short, with dark hair or light hair or no hair! So when you worry that you aren’t who you should be, thank God that you're exactly who God created you to be. Let’s thank God for that.

Gathering Our Spirit with God's Spirit

  • Announcements – how Journey is God’s Hands in the world
  • Rick welcomes us, talks about series
  • Say hello to someone near you
  • Take a breath...

Exploring God’s Spirit and Our Spirit

One night Nicodemus, a member of the national council and an important religious teacher, came to see Jesus.

“Teacher,” he said, “we realize that you are a prophet who has come from God. Obviously no one could show the signs that you show unless God were with him.”

Jesus responded, “In order to truly see what God is doing, a man cannot begin without being reborn.”

“And how can a man who’s getting old possibly be born?” replied Nicodemus. “How can he go back into his mother’s womb and be born a second time?”

Jesus replied, “Here: a man must be born from water, and born from spirit, or else he cannot enter the kingdom of God. Flesh gives birth to flesh and spirit gives birth to spirit.

“Don’t be surprised. The wind blows where it likes, you can hear the sound of it but no one can control where it comes from and where it will go. And no one can explain how a person is born by the wind of the Spirit.”

“How on earth can things like this happen?” replied Nicodemus.

  • “Toasted” video plays
  • Leslie leads a group discussion of the ideas in the video

Giving -- To Help God Do God's Work in This World

  • A Journeyer says an offering prayer
  • A song plays as the ushers pass the baskets

Telling The Story and Our Story

  • Rick talks
  • The community does a prayer exercise with finding space

Go Out to Find the Grace in Space

  • Leslie dismisses us
  • “Blowin’ in the Wind” plays again as folks clean up the room