April 10 - June 26, 2016.

Our latest unit is about the love that both Jesus and the prophets talked about being real — not theoretical or methaphorical — in real life, now. How do we "love our neighbor?" What does it mean to make peace? To do what is just and to seek justice? To show mercy? To heal what is broken and sick? And – what does it mean to walk humbly, and to walk with God present? That's what Jesus talked about, so what do these things look like, for real? Each week in this series, we will take an aspect of living out faith and standing for Love and explore it together — and then take action, right where we are, in this moment.

six different colored representations of Robert Indiana's famous "Love" design

What the World Needs Now

From Wish to Will

Service Sunday: Serving with Love

Love Humbly

Love, Awareness, Action

The Neighbor Thing, or, Love Actively

Love Truthfully

Love Freely

Love Messily

Love Awkwardly

Love Blindly

Love Is Love Is Love Is Love

Love Justly