February 26 - April 22, 2012

Our worship series for Lent this year explores what it might look like when we allow and affirm God's Spirit flowing through us. If I want that, I will have to make room in myself for that to even happen - and I will also have to participate. Listen. Agree. Show up. When I am open and looking, open and listening, open and willing to go beyond my ideas of what's good or not, safe or not, useful or not, 
God's Spirit can act not only in us but through us. Be God's hands and feet and words and breath in the world. Even in - or, perhaps, especially in - the smallest things, God's Spirit works. This worship unit is about us doing that together.


"And Jesus Loved Him"


There Is a Field

You... Only More

Act Out

Palm Sunday: So Go Already

Easter: Beautiful Failure Celebration

Give God

Service Sunday: Be Journey in the World