November 21, 2010 - January 2, 2011

As Christmas approaches, our faith community is doing something a little different this year. For seven Sundays, while our pastors take a much needed and well deserved sabbatical, the community is creating its own worship gatherings. At the November 14 service, we divided into six small teams of 30 or so journeyers, with each team taking the responsibility for creating the space and experience for the rest of the community for one Sunday. On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Journey Aeren Martinez starts the ball rolling as she uses her experience helping to build a school in Guatemala to discuss the idea of finding your call and acting on it. As the weeks go on, we will see how each team of Journeyers chooses to explore the themes of Advent. Let the journey unfold...


Modern-Day Bethlehems: Heeding the Call

Saying Yes (Even When It's Hard and Scary)

When God Shows Up in Unexpected, Unfamiliar and Transforming Ways

Creativity and Spirituality

A Matter of Choice

Blue Christmas

Christmas Eve: What This Is

Christmas! It’s Not Over; It’s Just Beginning – and Jesus is the Light of the World

Epiphany: It's Here. Now What?

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