Listen to the Service

Today's Program

On Sunday April 21, Journey is going out into the world for a morning of hands-on Service Action. Instead of our regular bible study and worship time, we'll meet briefly at Beverly Hall and then go out in teams to be God's Hands in the world. We will gather at 9:30 a.m. at Beverly Hall for a group blessing and instructions before the service teams head out. Everyone is encouraged to join in and invite friends.

Here are the service opportunities available: 

Sharing Our Strength with God's Creatures – This activity is especially popular with children, though they must be at least 8 years old. We will visit the rabbit shelter and do whatever chores the Center employees need that day.

Sharing Our Strength with the Envirionment – in conjunction with Earth Day, we will choose an area to clean up. We will pick up and haul away trash, bottles, and any other litter from the selected area. This is a good choice for families.

Sharing Our Strength with Our Homeless Brothers and Sisters – We will be providing goodie bags to the folks living in the downtown area at 7th and I-35 where they have Church under the Bridge.

Sharing Our Strength with Our Elders – Journeyers will visit a nursing home or assisted living center to just visit and be with the people living in that center. This can be a good choice for our youngest Journeyers, at their parents' discretion. Little ones often bring such joy to our elders.