by Rick Diamond

This past Sunday will probably always be known as "yarn day." Some dedicated Journeyers came up to the Warehouse Living Room Saturday night and built a frame, hanging from the ceiling, and then the next morning during the worship gathering, we all threw balls of yarn over the frame. It was a mess. Crazy. Wonderful. Weird.

We laughed. And then we thought. And prayed.

The seeming chaos of the web of yarn can feel scary. Chaos and seeming disorder scare me. I want things to work the way I want them to. And to make sense to me.

Jesus knew that the people of his time, and the religious leaders of his time, had specific expectations about who and what God was, religion was, spirituality was, and the right thing was. Jesus comes and says, You don't get it. The Kingdom of God is here. Now. At work. You're missing it.

I don't understand how God is present when I'm suffering, or when I'm afraid that things aren't going to go my way. When I'm angry or scared. I forget.

But then I remember, on the days when I'm able to hear my soul and God talking, that in the middle of what seems like chaos to me, God is present. Powerful. Maybe hidden.

Jesus weeps over Jerusalem, saying, "O Jerusalem! How I wish today that you of all people would understand the way to peace. But now it is too late, and peace is hidden from your eyes." Our Lent worship series is about asking God to open our eyes and help us see where God is at work -- and feel, know, connect to God's peace.

Listen to the Service

Today's Program

Gathering Our Spirit to God’s Spirit

There is a framework of posts and wires on the edges of the room (not including the stage) that provides the structure for the yarn tossing exercise. The door entrances and cross are spider-webbed with yarn around the edges.
  • “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens (iPod) plays 
  • A Journeyer steps up to light the lamp and another rings the bell
  • David welcomes folks and has us breathe… introduces a Journeyer who talks briefly about mentoring at her elementary school

Worshiping with Our Children

  • A Journeyer leads our children in talking about how sometimes things happen to us or our families that cause us to get anxious or scared. Sometimes there are feelings inside of us that cause us to get anxious or scared. We remind the children that even in the anxious or scared times God is with us and can help us have peace, no matter what is happening around us or in us.

From Our Spirit to God’s Spirit

  • Leslie makes announcements
  • Play video clip Ash Wednesday
  • Renee leads us in singing “Your Peace”
  • A Journeyer reads Luke 19:41
  • Dave introduces our yarn tossing activity… we toss yarn… Dave leads a discussion about the yarn tossing extravaganza
  • A Journeyer reads Matthew 21:18-22 and then leads an offertory prayer

Giving – To Help God Do God’s Work in This World  

  • Renee sings as the ushers pass and collect the offertory baskets and bring them to the foot of the cross

Telling The Story and Our Story

We Go Out to Serve With Mercy and Grace

  • Renee leads the community in singing “Traveling Mercies” by Billy Crockett
  • David dismisses
  • “Peace Train” plays again as folks leave