January 13 - March 3, 2019

While God made humans to live in societies, the societies made by humans can be far from perfect. What might God want human societies to be like? In this series, we are exploring what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called “the beloved community” and Jesus called “the Kingdom of God.” All are welcome.

JIFC logo over photo of the Pennybacker Bridge in Austin, Texas

Beloved Community

Advent has come and gone, and now we are home again. This week is about the safety and trust at the heart of what MLK called “the beloved community” and Jesus called “the Kingdom of God.” We’ll take Communion, sing, and reflect on Jesus’ description of what faith-full relationships are and do.

What If It Were Safe

What does a safe and loving community look and feel like, from Jesus’ perspective? He said that a loving community was a sign of the Kingdom of God. Let’s delve into some of what he said about that – and what we can do to help God create that at JIFC and in our everyday lives.

Love Your Neighbor — Safely

Let’s explore some of what Jesus said about community – and what we can do to help God create that community Kingdom at JIFC and in our everyday lives. This week: Love your enemies — safely. Let’s dig in and see what’s in this. For real. In real life.

Securely Attached

Anxiety and avoidance are two behavior patterns that affect our perception of safety. They come into play in all of our relationships -- not only with those we love, but also with God. This Sunday, we'll take a look at how these two human tendencies impact our spiritual lives -- and we'll explore how we can move toward more inner security rather than repeating old patterns of clinging or pushing away. Diana Dworin, chaplain at Hospice Austin's Christopher House, will be filling in for Rick Diamond.

Safe in This World, Part I

How do we show up in the world? Do we come from a centered place — the solid space within, where God is — a peaceful place, a strong place? Do we then move into the world with power and love? Let our Yes be Yes, and our No be No…

Safe in This World, Part II

Our exploration of "beloved community" continues this week with: shield; strength; God’s love; clarity; showing up.

Safe with God – Safety in Numbers?

This week: safe in the world, part III — showing up big. Is God safe? Are we safe? Let’s explore these questions together.

I Make Safety

In the final Sunday in our series on creating “beloved community,” we explore this question: How do I myself do my work in order to help the world be more safe? Hint: God helps…