Sacred Shore is a website for cultivating wholeness in the soul, mind, emotions, and body. When you have a moment, click over and take a look. In the categories section, you’ll see the types of topics we’ll be exploring including healthy relationships, wise parenting, holistic living, and spiritual growth. For example, Couple’s Cove is an ongoing series devoted to providing practical information to help couples build deeper, more satisfying relationships.

Our Facebook page is now active. It’s a good place to get notice of newly posted articles. We’re inviting people to go there and Like us.

We’re in the process of developing products to offer on the site. Keynote talks and online and on-site workshops for individuals and companies are in the works. Several contributors have joined our team, including the Rev. Dr. Bob Lively, a retired pastor and long-time newspaper columnist.

This is the work we have trained for and dreamed of for nearly 20 years. We appreciate your support. Your comments are very welcome and we look forward to hearing from you.


Janettee Henderson (Dr. J)