January 9 - March 6, 2011

Sometimes we forget. We forget how much we loved something that we've left behind. Or we revisit something difficult in order to learn and grow. To re-member is to join something back together, or to recall and reflect on what is at the heart of something. Perhaps something lost, or something left behind. Or maybe it's just something that's good to reinforce. In this worship series we're experiencing together what's at the heart of a community of people following Jesus. It's not always pretty, or perfect - but that's not what it's for. It's for creating love - to love each other and to love the world, in the midst of the joy and mess of being together. With each other. And with God. This series explores the beauty and messiness of being in community.


The Beautiful Ones



This True Voice

Broken for You

My Sacred, Your Sacred

I Will Walk with You

What Will We Eat?

This Is Our Life