May 1 - June 19, 2011 

This Lent, Journey's worship unit was "Journey to Day 41," emphasizing the 40 days that represent the focus of attention and effort toward a specific readiness. That readiness, in Jesus, was his leaving his tests in the desert and announcing to all, "The Kingdom of God is here!" It is not an Earthly kingdom, but a way of life in which we are connected to God, connected to each other, and connected to the world. Jesus taught about that way of life, modeled it, and invited his students and followers into it. In real life. Work. School. Email. Grocery store. Home. Let's see what happens as we follow Jesus by living out Day 41 with Him and each other.


Just Trust...

Letting Go for Reaching Out

Mustard Seeds

Heal … Heal

You’re Not Crazy

These Hands: Mother’s Day, Commitment Sunday

Old Boss, Heavy Load; New Boss, Easy Journey

Day 41 in Action


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