November 9 - 23, 2008

This short series breaks down the beautiful pastoral psalm of David into three sections. "The Lord is my shepherd..." First, we'll talk about the analogy of God in our lives as a shepherd to a flock of sheep who have particular needs and require strong, compassionate leadership and guidance. "You call me to dinner and invite my enemies to sit at the table." One of the reasons sheep need shepherds is that they are vulnerable to dangerous circumstances and ruthless predators. God balances his protection of us with helping us learn to deal healthily with conflict and difficulty. Finally, "The shepherd tends with goodness and mercy." Being in a place where goodness and mercy are practiced and prized allows us to feel loved and create a place where all can share in that kind of community... we become the shepherds as well.


The Lord is My Shepherd... and I Have Everything I Need

The Shepherd Lays Out a Meal for Me, with My Enemies Invited as Well

The Shepherd Anoints My Head with Oil and My Cup Overflows