May 11 - July 13, 2014

The risen Jesus told his followers, "The Father has sent me; now I send you." He then breathed on them and told them to inhale God's Spirit -- which he named Power: "You will receive power -- ability, skills, and strength, when the Spirit comes through you." MUCH of the time most of us feel powerless, stuck, victimized, stymied. We are mistaken. Power flows, all the time, and our awareness of its accessibility opens our ability to change our world, fight for justice, stand with courage, or simply be present and patient and caring. Let's explore Jesus' definition of power, together.

P.S. Expect hero -- and superhero -- references.


Source and Spirit

Dunamis: The Power of God

You Have [No] Power Here

Resistance Is Crucial

Power in the Blood

Power Where You Are

Your Third Spaces

At the Screen Door

Find Your Calcutta

Journey and Beyond