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Creating Space for God’s Spirit

The room is in the round. Each week in this series, we’ll be exploring a different major historical Jewish feast. This week is Passover. The large table is on the stage area again, decorated with cloth and candles, and holding a platter of Leslie’s hand-made unleavened bread. Fabric draped over the table makes the stage resemble a tent. A piece of red fabric hangs in the doorway leading from the hall into the Living Room. In the Lounge, a large piece of blank canvas is draped over a bench. The space reflects a sense of warmth and connection.

  • “Take Me to the River” by Al Green plays
  • A Journeyer steps up to light the lamp and another rings the bell three times

Worshiping with Our Children

  • DeAnn leads our children in talking about things we don’t like to do

Have you ever had to do something you didn’t want to do and you wished it that it would just go away so you wouldn’t have to do it? Do you think God can help you deal with the thing they wish would go away? Maybe God can be our partner and we can work together on it. Let’s thank God for that.

Gathering Our Spirit with God's Spirit

  • Announcements – how Journey is God’s Hands in the world
  • Rick welcomes us, talks about series
  • Say hello to someone near you
  • Take a breath...

Exploring God’s Spirit and Our Spirit

  • Sabrina reads a quotation from the podcast Welcome to Night Vale, episode 75 "Through the Narrow Place"

We will never be the same again. But here's a little secret for you: no one is ever the same thing again after anything. You are never the same twice, and much of your unhappiness comes from trying to pretend that you are. Accept that you are different each day, and do so joyfully, recognizing it for the gift it is. Work within the desires and goals of the person you are currently, until you aren't that person anymore, and everything changes once again.

  • Renee leads us in singing her original version of “Psalm 90”
  • Amber reads from Willa Cather, 20th century American writer, in her 1913 novel O Pioneers

There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before; like the larks in this country, that have been singing the same five notes over for thousands of years.

  • Don B. and Brian K. read about Passover in the Book of Exodus

Yahweh God said to Moses and his brother Aaron, “Tell the whole community of Israel: On the tenth day of this month each man must take a lamb or a young goat for his family—one animal per household. Your animal must be a one-year-old male that has no defects. You may choose a lamb or a young goat.

“Then at dusk, all the assembled people from the community of Israel must slaughter their animals. They must take the branch of a hyssop plant, dip it in the animal’s blood, which is in a bowl, and put some of the blood on the top and sides of the door frames of their houses where they will eat the animals. The meat must be eaten that same night. It must be roasted over a fire and eaten with bitter herbs and unleavened bread.

“This is how you should be dressed when you eat it: with your belt on, your sandals on your feet, and your shepherd’s staff in your hand. You must eat it in a hurry.

“The blood on your houses will be a sign for your protection. When I see the blood, I will pass over you. Nothing will touch or destroy you when I strike Egypt.

“Also, for seven days you must eat unleavened bread. On the very first day you must remove any yeast that you have in your houses. You must have a holy assembly on the first day and another one on the seventh. You must not work on these days except to prepare your own meals. That’s all you may do.

“You must celebrate this Festival of Unleavened Bread because it was on this very day that I brought you out of Egypt.”

Giving -- To Help God Do God's Work in This World

  • Christina K. shares her thoughts and experiences in working with Journey’s children
  • Christina says an offering prayer
  • Renee leads us in singing "Dwell” as the ushers pass the baskets

Telling The Story and Our Story

  • Rick talks
  • Leslie leads us in a Journey-style Passover prayer exercise

Think about something that you wish you could pass over or something that you wish would pass over you. With that in mind, use the red paint provided to paint on the canvas in the Lounge and give that thing to God. Then, as a sign of your commitment, take a piece of unleavened bread from the table on the stage.

Go Out to Serve with Warmth and Connection

  • Leslie talks
  • Leslie dismisses us
  • “Take Me to the River” plays again as folks clean up the room


  • A Journey-style Passover table  » Click to zoom ->

    A Journey-style Passover table

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  • Amber reads Willa Cather  » Click to zoom ->

    Amber reads Willa Cather