September 13 - November 1, 2009

Journey is a place of action, a place where we don't just talk about service, we serve God, each other and the world. Service though, when at its healthiest, comes naturally from a heart connected to the heart of God. In this series we will examine several stories from the scriptures where men and women of faith had  powerful, life-altering encounters with their Creator. Jacob, Elijah, Samuel and Hannah in the midst of sorrow, doubt, despair, regret and fear find themselves in relationship with a God who challenges, wrestles, comforts and encourages. It is out of those experiences where God chooses to draw near to His creation that we find a renewed commitment to live out our faith in service, and rediscover purpose.


All Around You

Wrestling with God

Sounds of Silence

Song and Dance

A Cry for Help and an Answer

A Listening Child

Out of the Boat

Pain and Beyond

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