May 3 - June 2, 2019

We live in a culture that is busy: we have phones and watches that interrupt us, TVs and computers and screens with images all around us, and just the daily needs of everyday life. But the spiritual path is a path of knowing there is more to life than what is immediately in front of us. To be healthy, happy, and helpful, we must unplug -- from distractions of the present, from regrets about the past, and from worries about the future. We can be present in the Now. Jesus said that if we are weary, we can come to God and rest -- by laying down the yokes, the burdens, and the preoccupations that bind us. Let’s do that. 


JIFC logo with pocket watch whose face reads "now"


Into the Now

This week, we explore being in the Now -- celebrating past, present and future but remaining only in This Moment.

The Now is Not the Past

This week, we celebrate Mother's Day, the Divine Feminine, and letting go of the past. Good things.

Celebrate Now

This week, we celebrate 15 years of radical inclusion and embracing imperfection. Let's enjoy this moment together.

What I Can Change

This week, it's Now vs. the Future. Where do you live? This will be rich and good stuff.

The Eternal Now

"Change only happens in the the Eternal Now." What exactly does this mean? Join us as we dive into this spiritual question.