April 19 - May 31, 2009

The ragtag collection of folks who were intrigued by, enamored with, and devoted to Jesus experienced a myriad of emotions in the days following his arrest, execution, and resurrection. They gathered in a secluded room, scared, confused and eager with anticipation, wondering what the future would hold for them as individuals and as a movement. As Jesus appeared in seemingly random places, forms and with unique messages, these followers would share their stories and what they thought those stories meant over and over again, waiting for what lay ahead. In these seven weeks approaching the miracle at Pentecost, we will recount these stories and mine the scriptures for ways that we and 21st century followers can cope with our own questions about meaning and purpose in a volatile, changing world. We will wrap up this series on May 31st as we gather together to celebrate what we believe God has called Journey to be and do (Journey 2.0) in the days that lie ahead of us.


Hold Hands, Hold On!

Recognizing Jesus

Everything Must Change

Let Go

This I Believe

I Send You

I'm All In