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The Austin Sanctuary Network (ASN) is “a place where love and protection are living realities.” It is an Austin-based coalition of faith communities and others, who support immigrants fleeing violence or in danger of deportation. With “bold compassion and courageous love,” ASN stands in solidarity and inclusive community with our undocumented sisters and brothers who are being held unjustly and being denied asylum.

Here's the latest message from our friends at ASN: 

Alirio, Hilda, and Ivan are children of God residing in Austin, Texas who fled Central America to escape violence. On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, local clergy tried to check in on their behalf but ICE turned them away, showing that they do not support their right to live.

These three beloved friends have been in Sanctuary for more than a year, and had been granted a five-month temporary stay of deportation. But that ended on March 19.

Request for an extension to deferred action on their deportations were denied recently by ICE, without a valid explanation as to why. The facts of their case had not changed.

A press conference was held on Monday, March 18. On the next morning, the day after the deferred action expired, a rally took place at the San Antonio field office.

That is when our friends were required by ICE to present themselves in order to assist ICE in getting rid of them by cooperating in their own deportation. If our dear friends had shown up, ICE would have very likely deported them.

At the rally, Austin clergy members attempted to check in on their behalf. But ICE turned them away.

The crowd of 100 supporters gave speeches and chanted while waiting to hear news. Twelve-year-old Ivan made the courageous choice to attend and spoke to the crowd.

We learned the news that Alirio’s case was going to be marked as a no-show and be forwarded to Fugitive Operations. A warrant would likely be issued for his arrest. Boos and stunned silence followed. 

Then more songs and chants ensued for the sake of Hilda and Ivan. Many people from the audience were moved to speak.

Next we learned that ICE was planning to issue a warrant for Hilda and Ivan’s arrest as well.

We all understand that ICE has no regard for the precious lives of our beautiful neighbors. They have returned to the relative safety of Sanctuary where they are loved by the whole community who affirm their status as human beings and who recognize that they are beloved children of God being terrorized by ICE.

We call on continued support from Congressional Representatives Lloyd Dogget and Joaquin Castro, and we invite many more politicians to join us as we demand that ICE stop its inhumane treatment towards these cherished friends and neighbors.

Love & Justice,

Austin Sanctuary Network

posted: Mar 20, 2019 

New Story Festival

word cloud logo for event Journey is partnering with the New Story Festival, a celebration of creativity, spirituality, and social action, coming to Austin on March 29-31, 2019. You can get a taste of what the full festival will be like at their one-day preview, New Story Experience, on Saturday November 3 at Huston-Tillotson University. It will feature special guests Brian McLaren, Micky ScottBey Jones, Mona Haydar, Gareth Higgins, and more! Tickets are only $49 but seats are limited so don’t delay. There will be both kids and youth programming at the March festival (and childcare for elementary age kids in November), so families are encouraged to come. And they offer lots of options to make it affordable for folks at all income levels. Find out more at

Do you have a story? Of course you do! Journeyers are invited to submit program ideas BY September 30. Here's the link for more info on that: The page also has a link to the submission form. Go on. You know you want to.

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Journey Contribution Cards

JIFC contribution cardHave you ever felt left out at offering time because you give online, and you're not quite sure what to do when the baskets go by? Or maybe you write a check at the beginning of the month and wonder what to do those other Sundays of the month? Do you give your time rather than money? Well, your Bones Ministry feels your pain. We've come up with some simple Journey Giving Cards, available on the back tables, to help you during offering. Just pick one up on your way in and later drop it in the basket. It allows you to actively participate in offering and to demonstrate your commitment to Journey. And the Journey Giving cards are for everyone! Sometimes folks have nothing to offer but prayers and good wishes, so use the Journey Giving Cards for that purpose, too. It's all about being present, being intentional, and being part of giving to and sustaining our faith community. Every contribution — of whatever sort — counts!

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