Journey Giving Tree

drawing of room with christmas tree and fireplaceDuring this Christmas season you’ll find the Journey Giving Tree set up in the Living Room at Journey. The Giving Tree is a simple reminder that Journey relies on strong end-of-year giving to not only help catch up on some bills, but also to help prepare for early 2018. January and February are always financially difficult, so it is really helpful to get ahead as much as possible in December.

The Journey Giving Tree is a joint effort between the Bones Ministry and the Strength Ministry. If you look at the tree ornaments, you'll find some that represent various ongoing monthly Journey expenses that Bones tries to manage, and you’ll find others that highlight many of the outreach programs that are supported by Strength. Together these tokens represent the Journey philosophy of money, which is that our goal isn't to hoard money, but rather it's to pay our bills and give the rest away, starting with the 10% of our income that goes to Strength. 

For each Sunday in December, you are invited to get to know the Journey Giving Tree. Please take a token as a reminder of the importance of end-of-year giving, and find room in your holiday budget to help support Journey. Then take action by donating to the Journey Giving Tree (please indicate “Journey Giving Tree” on your donation). All proceeds will be shared equally between Strength (outreach ministries) and Bones (current bills), unless you choose to make a designated donation to either one. Please remember that any Giving Tree donation should be above and beyond your normal Journey giving. Blessings…

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Journey Men's Retreat

Jan. 26 - 28, 2018

photo of campfire with text of retreat nameMen, mark your calendars for Friday, January 26 - Sunday, January 28, 2018. It's time for the annual Journey Men's Retreat at at Cross Roads Center in Chriesman, Tx. We're headed to the country to talk, laugh, share, be with nature, and get real. The cost is $120 which includes meals; we need to receive payments for the deposit sooner than later, if you know you will be attending. Please contact John C. to sign up.

This year, the theme is "Are These the Gods You're Looking For?"

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Holiday Schedule

drawing of December calendarNo Bible Study and no morning worship service on Sunday December 24 for obvious reasons.

Christmas Eve Service will be held on Sunday December 24 at 5:30 pm 

No Bible Study on December 31 but our worship service will be held at 10:45 am as usual.

Journey Office Closed

The Journey office will be closed the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day for our staff to enjoy some well-deserved time off. They will also be working from home during the days leading up to Christmas. If you need to turn in your 2017 end-of-year offering, please do so by Saturday December 23 or mail it by the 30th. Merry Christmas!

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Interviewing to Win

photo of wooden door in stone wall with green leaves over the top of both"Over 25 years ago, I interviewed with one of the many universities that began to cater to working adults. Once ushered in to the interview room, I was met with seven people around a conference table. It was everyone who worked in that small satellite office. It was apparent after only a few questions there was a terrible problem with the last person in the position I was applying for. There were many questions asked repeatedly by several interviewers that were just a rewording of what had already been asked although I had already answered satisfactorily. It still remains the most surreal, overblown, challenging interview I ever experienced. I loved it. I walked out of the office knowing I did not get the job. A few years later while conducting sales training using role playing techniques, I realized that was the piece that was missing in preparing for an interview. Although you can never know the exact questions to be asked or who or how many will be at the interview table, it is still possible to prepare. It was with that realization that I began to coach people to prepare for interviews using role playing.

You may want to climb the corporate ladder or just make a lateral move to edge out of a dead end career path. But to do either of those things in the quickest way possible, you have to recognize that you are in a competition. Although people still focus on their resume to get the job, the resume just gets you in the door. Organizations hire people not resumes. The key to getting any job, especially in this highly-competitive market, is beating out the other candidates during the interview process. You may be highly-educated, highly-talented, or have years of experience but cannot pass the interview. If so, this is the class for you. There are 3 key pieces to the interview puzzle: 1) knowing yourself; 2) knowing the organization; and, 3) interview prep (role play as close to the interview as possible). Without those 3 strategic pieces in place, an individual is really just rolling the dice. I have an MBA, an MA in Human Resources Development, and I've been providing dynamic interview coaching to individuals for over 25 years.

The classes will be conducted for 1 to 1 1/2 hours each over 4 consecutive weeks. This workshop will prepare you to research, prepare and interview for jobs of your choosing. I will discuss and model role-playing as the final and necessary effort to be successful. Journeyers who attend these classes may choose to use my individual interview role play coaching services prior to upcoming job interviews for a discounted fee."

Contact Randy to learn more.

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Shopping for Journey

Earn Money for Journey While You Shop

Amazon Smile bannerJourney is now listed with Amazon Smile. A percentage of the cost of eligible purchases will go to JIFC. Start your shopping here on the Amazon Smile page to ensure your donations go to Journey.

How to generate AmazonSmile donations

The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible purchases. Tens of millions of products are eligible for donations. You will see eligible products marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on their product detail pages. Recurring Subscribe-and-Save purchases and subscription renewals are not currently eligible to generate donations.

Remember, only purchases made at, (not or the mobile app,) generate AmazonSmile donations.

In other Painless Fundraising News, we have a Journey account at Randalls! If you go to the customer service desk at Randalls and link your Randall’s card to our Journey account, we get 1% back on all of your purchases. Forms to link your card are available on the back table every Sunday. Take a few and pass them out to your friends! Our Randall’s account number is: 12804. 

If you have any questions about these programs, just e-mail the Bones Ministry. Happy shopping!

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New Toddler Playground

clip art image of playscapeWe now have a fenced in area at our Woodrow location for our littlest Journeyers — our toddler area. We are accepting donations to purchase some outdoor items for the kiddos. If you would like to contribute money to this cause please designate it as "Toddler Area" or contact Vicki. If you would like to purchase an item yourself, please follow this link to see our wish list of items to buy on Amazon. Thank you!

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Giving by Text

clip art of cell phoneWe now have a Text Giving app up and running! No more fumbling for cash or a blank check during offering time. Or maybe you like to give by credit or debit card, but that's hard to do as the baskets go by. Well, it's easy to do now. All you need is a smart phone! Just follow the 3 easy steps:

  1. Text "Journey" to 73256
  2. Enter your donation amount and select a fund (general fund, operations, etc.)
  3. Enter your payment info (just the first time) and click "Give"

Our Church Keyword is “Journey," so just text "Journey" to 73256. You'll be directed to a link that will open a giving app where you select the amount of your gift and the fund it will go to. You then enter your payment information (credit card or debit card info, checking account info, etc.) and tap “Give," and you're done. You will receive a receipt on your phone and an email copy as well. Plus, your gift is automatically transferred into our Realm accounting software so it will show up on your Giving Statement.

And, you need to enter your payment information only once. The next time you give by text your payment information will be recalled automatically, or you can choose to enter account information for an additional payment method.

Give it a try. It's quick, it's easy, and, it doesn't hurt! Blessings...

graphic showing text giving process

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Join Us for Interesting Group Discussions

graphic of people holding hands in a circleKoinonia is a group of women that meet twice a month to support each other, pray together and hopefully grow spiritually along the way. We meet at the Panera Bread (on Capital of Texas Hwy just north of 183) on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 5:30 p.m. All women are invited, so bring your friends or just bring your own sweet self. Please contact Susan C. if you have any questions!

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Sunday Morning Cleaning Up

Even though we don't have to put away chairs any more, there are still some things to handle after worship each week. Please lend a hand. It's the Journey way. Here is a list of chores:

cartoon of person closing an over filled closetLiving Room
Recycle bulletins and other leftover papers
Put away worship decorations, such as candles, lamp, small crosses, bell, fabric, etc.
Put away microphones and stands
Put sign up books on the credenza in the hall
Turn off fans

Kitchen and Tiki Lounge
Turn off coffee pot
Clean up coffee table by straightening loose items and wiping down surfaces
Wash coffee urns, dry them, and put them back on the coffee table
Wipe down kitchen counters and sink
Wash, dry, and put away dishes
Put away any other kitchen items as needed

Wipe down bathroom sinks in all 3 bathrooms
Restock all 3 bathrooms, as needed, with soap, toilet paper, paper towels
Take out trash from kitchen, classrooms, and all bathrooms to dumpster, and replace trash bags

There will be a point person each week to make sure everyone get these chores done, but we need lots of people to get the work done. If you don't know where things should go, just ask someone who looks like they know what they’re doing and figure it out together. It’s community in action, folks. Thanks for being willing to serve!

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Connecting to Journey

social media symbols on connected puzzle pieces

Journey is everywhere! To get the weekly e-mail newsletter, just e-mail us and ask to be added to the JIFC E-mail Group. We also have a Journey Imperfect Faith Community Facebook group, and you can follow us on Twitter at @JourneyIFC. Check out Journey photos on our Flickr page and Journey videos on our YouTube channel. Read Refractions, the Journey blog, on our website or with an old-fashioned RSS feed. So no excuses! Get plugged in!

But wait, there's more! Sure you want to hear from Journey -- and who wouldn't? -- but we want to hear from you, too. If you have an item for the e-mail newsletter, the News page of the website, the Journey blog, the paper bulletin, or the Sunday morning announcements, send it to us at We welcome your feedback and input. As our friends in High School Musical so wisely point out, "We're all in this together..."

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Journey Contribution Cards

JIFC contribution cardHave you ever felt left out at offering time because you give online, and you're not quite sure what to do when the baskets go by? Or maybe you write a check at the beginning of the month and wonder what to do those other Sundays of the month? Do you give your time rather than money? Well, your Bones Ministry feels your pain. We've come up with some simple Journey Giving Cards, available on the back tables, to help you during offering. Just pick one up on your way in and later drop it in the basket. It allows you to actively participate in offering and to demonstrate your commitment to Journey. And the Journey Giving cards are for everyone! Sometimes folks have nothing to offer but prayers and good wishes, so use the Journey Giving Cards for that purpose, too. It's all about being present, being intentional, and being part of giving to and sustaining our faith community. Every contribution — of whatever sort — counts!

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When Is the Sabbath Not the Sabbath?

Staff Days Off

photo of tall green grass, purple flower, blue sky and sunWith Sunday being a work day for our staff, their “weekend” days off are Friday and Saturday every week. We ask that you please respect their time of rest and family time by not calling them on their days off. If you have an emergency, call the emergency number of (512) 537-7448 and someone will get back to you ASAP. Thank you for your understanding!

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