September 2 - October 14, 2018.


This is a series about the connection between us and God’s Spirit — and how that can look like what we expected… or not. When do we pay attention? What are the angels and messengers that God sends to us — and when are we those angels for others? 


Hubble Telescope image of the Butterfly Nebula and star field with Journey logo overlaid


Expectations and Visitations

What do we do when our expectations don’t — or do? — match the messages that are coming?


How do we talk to God? This week, we explore different modes of prayer – with bodies, with thoughts, with images, with food…

Many Paths, One Spirit

This week, we'll explore different ways to pray / connect / be open to God, in various traditions from around the world.

God Speaks – Many Ways

This week, we explore some tools that various traditions beyond organized religion use for connecting with God and the Soul.

The Many Paths of Leadership

This week, it's elections and servant leadership and Jesus, too, as we explore the tools that various traditions use for connecting with God and the Soul.

New Story Experience

This week, we're glad to welcome guest speaker Mike Clawson, who will be telling us about his project and festival, New Story Experience. The world is full of stories -- narratives that mold our perspectives, often in ways we're unaware of. What stories define our lives? What stories does the Bible have to tell us and how can we live with an appreciation for story that helps us drive our own lives?

Welcome and Unwelcome God

This week we finish our series with these questions: What do I not believe? What messages or signals from God feel unwelcome -- and do I have to have it figured out?