The four parts of our spiritual life are: Soul * Heart * Mind * Strength
SOUL: Our first priority and joy is to love and know God.
  • We experience God through Prayer, Contemplation, Worship, Silence
  • We help each other do this in peace and safety. We participate in prayer and worship in traditional and not-so-traditional ways that stretch us and help us to grow. We become better people by knowing God.
  • You are invited into meaningful interactions with God's Spirit. We'll help you do that.
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MIND: In order to love and serve God and other people better, we must learn new things about how to be healthy and how to serve. Jesus called this "making disciples."
  • We study and grow together, with openness and without judging others.
  • We do not believe everyone has to agree about all things; we focus rather on the calling of God in our community. We question and think and listen.
  • We study the Bible, talk about our lives and struggles, and learn about relationships and spiritual life together.
  • You are encouraged to explore and expand your faith in following Jesus. We'll grow and learn with you.
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HEART: Everyone desires to belong and to matter. Our community provides love, acceptance, forgiveness, and healing to one another and to those we encounter.
  • We spend time together and support each other
  • We strive to know each other and to see God in each other.
  • We continue to learn how to be more loving and more caring.
  • You are encouraged to build connections with other people at Journey and beyond. You are included and important to us.
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STRENGTH: Jesus' measure of a person's spiritual health is in the way that person serves others. We gather our resources to serve the poor and poor in spirit, especially to those beyond our faith community.
  • Our abilities
  • Our time
  • Our money
  • Our desire
  • You are invited to give your gifts to God. We will encourage and help you to serve with us.
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