January 8 - February 19, 2012

In this worship series, we're digging down, individually and together, to the heart of following Jesus. The desires in us, the things we care about and ask for, the things that are cooking inside us - those passions, those loves: that's where we find God. Past faith as a belief, or an affiliation, or a nice idea. When we look deep within ourselves, it turns out God is there. In our sadness. In our worries. In our creativity. In our questions. In our work. In our relationships. Jesus said "The life God is creating is within you." We might glance past it, or miss it - so let's stop and look for our deepest desires, and what gives our lives meaning and heat and power.


Looking Forward: What Do You and God Want?

Once More, With Feeling

Get Back

Love Is There

Your Story, My Story, This Story

In Every Thing

Lent: An Introduction and Invitation


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