Leslie laughing

Leslie Diamond was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She attended Baylor University, majoring in Communications (Radio/TV/Film), and graduated in 1982.

Leslie began her career in advertising and marketing by working at several advertising agencies in Dallas and Waco. While in Waco, waiting for her illustrious husband, Rick, to finish his M.A. in English at Baylor, she somehow stumbled into the world of retail by buying a children's clothing store named Kids Duds.

After she and her husband moved to Athens, Texas, Leslie and Rick chose for Leslie to stay home with their children while they were young. During this time, she kept extremely busy, with a blossoming career in "volunteering," which as we all know can become more than a full-time job. Leslie was active in her churches in Athens, and later Tyler, holding numerous positions of leadership in her Sunday School classes, Children's Ministries and Women's Ministries. She also used her advertising and marketing experience by helping to design and oversee the production of several brochures, newsletters, stationery, and logos for her churches. She conceptualized and produced a series of ads for her church in Tyler that, along with the newsletter she produced, won an award from the United Methodist Church.

After her kids started to get a little older, Leslie designed and produced some newsletters for her church, and then for a Christian school in Tyler. This ended up being the beginning of a little graphic design business that she was able to run on her own time out of her home. All of her clients were non-profit organizations, including churches, schools and Habitat for Humanity.

In 1993, she and Rick felt God calling him to ordained ministry. They always felt that the call was for both of them to go into ministry together as a team, and they approached all their decisions about direction for their ministry by using a great deal of prayer and spiritual discernment.

In 2004, Leslie and Rick felt led, along with a number of friends, to begin a new faith community. Leslie was instrumental in every phase of the development, visioning, leadership and growth of Journey Imperfect Faith Community and all its ministries. This is the point where her ministry moved from being on a volunteer basis in other churches, to being on a full-time basis at Journey. In every area of Journey's emerging ministries, Leslie has served as a volunteer, participant or leader. Rick and Leslie felt God giving them a dream of what Journey was supposed to become over several years. They had always wondered what God would dream for in a church. All of that soul-searching led to the formation of Journey's core beliefs. And it was Leslie who felt God's leading to use the word "Imperfect" in the name of Journey, as it conveyed what she knew instinctively was at the heart of Journey.

In 2006, Leslie officially joined the staff at Journey, focusing on vision-casting, overall direction, and specifically with Heart Ministries and Women's Ministries. She coordinates and speaks at the Fall Women's Retreats each year, and leads the Koinonia women's groups on a regular basis. It fills her heart to spend time with the wise and outrageous women of Journey.

In the near future, she intends to implement a prayer group ministry at Journey that she developed several years ago. It is called Abba and is designed to allow God to place people in small prayer groups, providing support and accountability to each other.

Leslie truly believes that being a force for good in the world is what it is all about. And because of that, she works to bring about good in any way that she possibly can. She believes that we're all imperfect, and if we're going to err in life (and we always are), then it is best to err in the name of Love. Loving too much can't be all bad...

She loves to laugh, and adores teasing those she loves the most ... so please don't take her seriously when she's being sarcastic! Leslie has a passion for movies and wishes most ardently that God had called her to be a movie critic instead of a minister. She also adores her neurotic cat, Olivia, and Leslie spends much of her time in her home searching for, petting, and singing or talking to her. And most of all, Leslie feels completely blessed by the family she has been given. Her husband and two children are the greatest gifts in her life.

Leslie left her employment with Journey in October 2016. We wish her all the best in all her endeavors.