March 10 - April 28, 2019

March 10 - April 28, 2019

This series is about looking into the parts of ourselves and the world around us that are in shadow. “Shadow” in the Jungian sense isn’t about something evil; it’s about something that we’re denying, or not acknowledging — something we’re afraid of, something with riches and possibilities in it. Many spiritual traditions say the way to enlightenment is to enter the dark. Let’s travel that path to the cross together.

Journey text logo over mostly black background; image to left of text shows an ordinary person looking at his superhero shadow

Seeing in the Dark

The dark, the unknown -- this is scary stuff. Yet God is with us, and has gifts for us, no matter how dark it is.

Slow Down and See

Some things are hidden by the light and revealed in the shadows. We'll slow down and see together.

Finding the Truth Inside

This week, we look for truth in shadows. Although it might be hard to get a good look at your "shadow," we often find a truth inside that's different than we thought it'd be.

Let It Go

This week, we enter our shadows and deserts in order to allow God to help us let go of ideas, beliefs, and practices we don’t need if we’re going to live fully and authentically.

Friends in Light… and Shadow

When we are in the shadows, who will stay and who will leave us? It’s graduate-level friendship and trust week at Journey.

Palm Sunday: Shadows Reveal Truth

It’s Palm Sunday. Time to explore how shadows help us see truth — and become truth-tellers.

Easter Joy

We have peered into our shadows in Lent. Now it’s Easter morning. The shadows have lifted. It’s time for joy. All that work taught us many things. Let’s enjoy them.

Service Sunday

In place of the regular Sunday morning worship service, this week we get together to support "Journey in the Community" by helping on a number of projects to make Journey IFC more inviting to our friends and neighbors.