March 5 - now.

This is going to be a beautiful Lent worship series. We will look at wandering in our deserts -- about finding new things, God, direction, gifts, and new life in the midst of what we think is dead, despairing, lost, empty. Not all who wander are lost.

Artwork by Elspeth McLean

artwork with JIFC logo

Leaving -- and Deciding

Sometimes we have to leave Base Camp and go into the desert -- literally or metaphorically. Not all who wander are lost.

Thirst – and a Vineyard

The Israelites leave slavery in Egypt. It's exciting! Freedom! They camp — and there's no water. Or at least it seems like there's no water. They panic. They get angry. It's natural; that's being human. But God says, "No, there's water. In fact, there's a vineyard in the desert…" Bring your Lent Rock!






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