Sept. 22 - 24, 2017

17 Jul 2017 heart, heart

view of buildings and field seen through a wooden framed window

Friday, Sept. 22 – Sunday, Sept. 24

windows : thin sheets of glass between what is and what might be.

How much of your life has been spent peering through windows? They are so prevalent that sometimes we look right through them without even being aware of their presence. And yet, windows create a marker between where we are and where we will be, or can be, or were. They are those in-between places that carve a space for transition from one place to another, and reveal a view of possibility.

Come and talk about all these ideas and more at our fall retreat, "windows."  During the retreat, there will be large group discussions led by Leslie Diamond and other Journey women. There will also be activities in small groups, times for creative expression and space for individual reflection. And in the tradition of Journey Women’s Retreats, we will also mix in a large helping of laughter and great times spent with amazing women.

We’re hitting the road once again! Our retreat will be held at Cedarbrake Retreat Center in Belton, Texas. Cedarbrake is only an hour from north Austin, but it feels like it’s a world away. Cedarbrake is a beautiful retreat center with lots of trees, walking paths and a labyrinth. It has a very peaceful aura.

The cost for the retreat will be $200 per person, which includes all meals and supplies, as well as lodging in a double occupancy room at the Retreat Center.*

The retreat will begin at 7 pm on Friday night and will end about 4 pm on Sunday. The retreat is planned so that each part builds on the previous sessions. Because of that, everyone is encouraged to plan on being at the retreat for the entire time, and to try to unplug from daily life as much as possible, in order to get the most out of the experience.

Register ASAP! The number of women that can stay in the rooms at Cedarbrake is limited. so get your registration forms in now! Please invite friends and family. The retreat is not limited to Journey members only. Everyone is welcome! Registration is due by Aug. 31. Download the registration form here and the release form here. You may e-mail your forms to Leslie, or print them and turn them in on Sunday.

*PLEASE NOTE: It is very important to the Women’s Ministry at Journey that every woman who is interested in attending the retreat be able to. There are funds available to help make that happen. Please do not let finances be the reason why you do not attend the retreat! If the fees present a difficulty at this point in your life, please contact Leslie D. ( about possible scholarship opportunities.

Would You Like to Help?

Would you be willing to volunteer to help out with one small part of the retreat (e. g., an activity, set-up, etc.) that would take only a small amount of time? We are planning on asking many people to help with individual parts of the retreat so that no one person will need to work the entire retreat and miss out on being a participant. No matter what your talents and gifts, there will be a great diversity of ways to help. Please let Leslie D. know if you are interested in volunteering to help out with the retreat in some capacity. 

Scholarship Donations

There will be scholarships available for those who might need some financial assistance to attend the retreat. If you are interested in donating to the Scholarship Fund to help these individuals, please contact Leslie D.

Ways to Volunteer to Help

  • Registration
  • Food coordination
  • Specific activities during the retreat
  • Audio/Visual during the retreat
  • Audio/Visual ahead of time
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Decorations/Environment
  • Liaison to help with needs of the participants (1 person per day of ½ day during retreat)
  • Preparing supplies ahead of time
  • Donate to the scholarship fund
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