September 2 - October 21, 2012

The early Christian leader Paul wrote, in an instructive letter to a network of Jesus followers in the region of Asia Minor known as Galatia, that God's Spirit creates something beautiful in the world. Paul said it's like fruit growing from a productive tree - and that when we are experiencing the presence of God's Spirit, we are the tree and the fruit of Spirit grows from us and the world gets to enjoy that presence. We're looking at what Paul suggests the characteristics are - things like balance, and charity, and wholeness - and feeling into what they are like in the real world, today, in us and through us.


Set Out and Sprout

Kind and Generous

Wholeness and Endurance

Balance and Mastery


Joy Joy Joy Joy Blah Blah Blah

Ubi Caritas Et Amor, Deus Ibi Est

It's Love That Holds It All Together, I Just Had to Let You Know

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