Is Religion Worth It? was a panel discussion about the present and future of Christianity hosted by Dave Brown of TheAgnosticPentecostal and Journey Imperfect Faith Community on November 13, 2010.  

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Stained Glasss



BECKY GARRISON, author of Jesus Died for This?

JULIE CLAWSON, author of Everyday Justice

RICK DIAMOND, author of Wrestling with God, pastor at Journey

JIMI CALHOUN, pastor, author, musician

EILEEN FLYNNreligion columnist for The Austin Statesman

MIKE COLLINS, pastor of Leadership College at Shoreline Church

KESTER SMITH, pastor of the Immanuel Austin community


It’s easy for all of us to blame “them,” whoever it is that happens to be on whatever “the other” side of faith is, for anything wrong with Christianity, or spirituality in general. So this conversation is all about listening to as many perspectives as possible.Some Christians blame liberals for all the problems, others blame conservatives, some blame mega-churches, others blame emergent churches…we all blame the “other.” Here is your chance to hear what “they” really think.

On this discussion panel we have highly respected individuals who represent the voices of liberal-progressives, conservatives, satirists, comedians, artists, pastors, social activists, mega-church leaders, environmentalists, feminists, minorities, majorities, and others. So come join the conversation!

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