Each of us is endowed with unique gifts, whether that be in mathematics, patience with children and elderly people, peacekeeping in foreign lands, finding ways to protect and preserve the environment, or humbly serving in hundreds of other ways. We sometimes are overwhelmed with our own challenges, however, and cannot see how we could possibly do any more.

I think the point is not to do more, but to get quiet with God to hear our true purpose. When we remember who we are in this way, all the tasks of the day can be performed "wholeheartedly," as Brene Brown calls it. We can bring our innate love and concern for others with us, everywhere we go. Centering prayer helps us connect to Spirit, allowing us to move out of ourselves because we are fed and have something to give those we encounter.

Take this time for yourself today, however that looks for you. Remember who you are, and that you can love and be lovable. Share that beauty with the world, and watch everything ease.

Shalom, y'all.