November 12 - 26, 2017

This unit is about belief and the progression of belief: the gathering of faith and ideas and belief, the dismantling and loss of those beliefs, the evolving nature of organic belief and trust, and aspects of what constitutes “belief” at all. 

Journey logo over web of multicolored dots on white background


To begin our series, we’re looking at the idea that belief is organic. Belief evolves and that’s okay – it’s good. What do you believe?


This week we’re looking at the idea that we all inherit, ingest, and carry beliefs; which do you carry? The room will have a web above our heads. Each week we’ll add to it things that illustrate the week’s theme.


It's one thing to hold a belief in our heads, as a theory or an idea. Jesus said that what we believe becomes true in real life -- healing or not, sacrifice or not, power or not, compassion or not. This week, we conclude our series by looking at how our beliefs are reflected in the life we are living.