Our calling is a portrait, or mirror, of our Founder and CEO, Jesus. The heart of how we carry out JIFC's Vision is following Jesus, and practicing our lives as Jesus lived and loved his life:

The Portrait

We are radically inclusive.

We embrace imperfection.

We are a safe community.

We follow Jesus.

We ask, listen to, and obey God.

How that works:

  • We are open, messy, and unslick.
  • We are vulnerable, even uncomfortable, yet always encouraging.
  • We ask God what to do, and pray for direction; we believe this is practical.
  • We remind each other of what Jesus values.
  • When those values are not congruent with what our culture values, we follow Jesus' example.
  • We gather to remember and to remind each other of who we truly are, not what we've been told we are.
  • We are independent - we ask God what and how to be, as opposed to asking/ relying on others' traditions, hierarchy, or governance.
  • We believe that the spiritual journey has no destination.
  • We are all learning to love God, love ourselves as God loves us, and to love others as God loves us.
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