June 18 - now

This unit is about sensing the deep calling within ourselves that comes from Something. There’s vocation in this, and passion/desire/hope in this, and direction in this, and listening in this… That Something that's calling — what does it sound like? How will I even know? Let's dig into this together.

journey logo on background of colored bubbles


What I'm Called To

Spirit calls to us in many ways, to do many things. For the next few weeks, we will explore how that can look. Here we go...

Hearing Something

This unit is about being called. Well, something — Something — is calling. What does it sound like? How will I even know? Let's practice listening... 

What Is It

The voices are calling. Which will we listen to? What are they even saying? And which ones are worth hearing?

I'm Ready

The callings theme continues. What is it like not only to hear the callings with in us – and begin to recognize them – but to respond? To take steps? To risk? To even say what we’re hearing?

Saying Yes, or, Less Is More

Saying Yes... and Saying No...

What does it mean to say “yes” to God’s call? What does it mean to say “yes” if that means saying “no” to where we are now, “no” to what we are attached to, “no” to what (we think) gives us safety and identity? Let’s dig into the “yes” and the “no.”

What's My Name?

As we continue our exploration of what it means to hear -- and answer -- Gods's call, this week our theme is the strength we find in choosing our names based on our callings from the Spirit. So, what's your name?

Listening – Practicing

"Be radically inclusive – Create safe community – Ask, listen to, and obey God – Love yourself as God loves you – Love and serve God – Love and serve the world – Follow Jesus." Today we will be looking at the Journey banner and its suggestions about practicing following Jesus.

What Next

Today we will be looking at the long and winding road, and signs along the way. We are wandering – but not without intention and help. After all, not all who wander are lost.

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