There are a number of disasters present in our world today. People are suffering at the hands of other people, as victims of storms, as silent witnesses to abuses of every ilk. How do we respond? How do we move from our insular existence out into the reality of those in Louisiana who have lost so much due to flooding? to the already challenged country of Haiti in its devastation? to the individuals around us whose voices are only now being heard after centuries of disrespect and disregard? to the millions fleeing the Middle East?

Rick reminds us that God is all in it. All of it. Where do we find him? Behind our willingness to look for something to do, some way to help. Fred Rogers was encouraged by his mother to "look for the helpers" when something terrible happened. There is no judgment, no hubris, in helping. It is simply digging in beside another person who is doing the same, because there is work to do and we are strong and can, in this case, do it. It's possible that next time we are the ones who are incapacitated by despair, or in such pain we cannot function. But for today, if you have strength in your hands, money in your pocket, or love in your heart, you can find something to do to help. May we all do what we can do, and there is surely something, for someone hurting today. Guide us, Jesus, to be your hands and feet.