January 22 - now.

What is community? What does it provide to us, and how do we create it? Various aspects of community will be explored in this series.

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Community — like Journey, like others we all are part of, are nurtured by, help to lead, help serve in — has many components when it is healthy. Perhaps the most important, to begin, is a sense of safety. We're going to decorate our place to look like a safe place to rest amidst a world at war. If you can bring stuff to help it look M*A*S*H-ish and you can get there a little early on Sunday, please do. 


Our base camp started with safety, and is followed by welcoming and accepting people as they are. Welcoming people as they are gives them guidance about that particular base camp’s norms/mores, which aren’t about exclusion, but about welcoming and integrating folks into a cohesive, supportive, loving community. While Rick is away at the men’s retreat, Susan Cottrell will tell us about her work to help Christians better understand LGBTQIA issues and to create acceptance amidst all the hatred and condemnation that’s out there.

Learning and Awakening

Our examination of Base Camp continues with the ideas of teaching, learning, awakening. As we travel down our paths through the woods and the wild, we need the training that base camp can provide, as well as all the maps and signs we can get. We learn from our community so that we can do this following Jesus thing together.

Sharing and Giving

Sometimes the Base Camp exists to provide training and equipment (that was last Sunday); sometimes the Base Camp is water in the desert: ~ We come and drink. ~ We rest and are renewed. ~ We become keepers of the oasis — ~ Or we carry water with us for others.

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