November 27, 2011 - January 1, 2012

The women and men who produced the 4 gospels had a beautiful story to tell, and each community told it differently. No two "Christmas" stories are the same in the gospels. But all of them, from the perspective of Jesus' people writing thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, even seventy years after the first followers of Jesus, saw that God did the miraculous in coming to be a human being among human beings. Each gospel focuses differently - from Jesus as King to Jesus as Creator of the Universe. This Advent we're celebrating each gospel and asking what it says to us about following Jesus as Jesus' people twenty centuries later.


Matthew -- Men, Angels, and a King

Mark -- Jesus the Lion

Luke -- Be Not Afraid

John -- And the Word Became Flesh and Lived Among Us

Christmas Eve: Hope is Present

New Year's Day: Look Forward in Hope

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