December 1 - now.

screenshot of dictionary entry for word "advent"

What "notable person, thing, or event" is arriving in your life? Advent celebrates the faith that God breaks into human history, that God finds God’s way into the most intimate parts of our lives, and brings about newness and hope. Birthing anything – a baby, a hope, a new path, a new just and merciful world – involves waiting, nurture, care, expectation, labor, pain, and celebration. Let’s share in those aspects of what is being born in us and the world, together.



This week, we begin at the beginning. (Or at least one beginning.) Gabriel and Mary have a conversation and Mary says to the seeming impossible, "Y'know, that's how amazing things get started." 


In order for things to be born, there is lag time — waiting, growing, working, preparing. The angel visits Joseph and says, "You've been chosen, and you have some stuff to do." Joseph says yes. You can, too. Let's be with that together.


Often, things that are preparing to be birthed require nurture, care, protection, in order to safely make it to their next season, their appearance, their birthing. Mary asserts that God is a Nurturer who lifts up the humble and throws down the haughty. Let's see what's in that for us.

Pain and Fear

Part of birthing something is pain and fear and not knowing — and pushing through. Let's see how Joseph (and George Bailey) help us see that, especially as companion pieces to Mary's bravery and strength.