December 2, 2018 - January 6, 2019

Advent is the season of preparing for what God does in the birth of Jesus. The Advent series we’re doing this year focuses on the metaphor of a road trip – leading up to, and then back from – the birth of Jesus and how what God does there affects us.

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Getting Underway

As we begin our journey this week, we consider the process of preparing to get underway. What to pack? What to think about? And where are we going, anyway?

Monotony, Doubt, and Desert

We are on the way to the thing God has called us to — slogging through the desert… and following God’s leading… serving… saying Yes… — and we realize that maybe the way to it IS the thing God calls us to.

Getting Lost, Detours, and Helpful Guides

Sometimes on this journey, we feel like we got lost. Sometimes it’s a helpful detour. Either way, Helpers will come. Let's explore that together.

Rest Stops

It’s a good thing to stop… breathe… eat… look around… and be ready. Maybe it’s not about “getting there” at all. This Sunday morning, we’re looking at “Rest Stops” and the Shepherds who will teach us about being present and seeing and hearing what is truly meaningful.


It's Christmas Eve. We've finally arrived. So, where are we? Let's look around and find out.

Go Back a Different Way

Al long last, we arrived; now it's time to head back. But once you’ve experienced/learned/grown, you're different, and your way is different. How will you go?

The Bittersweet Feel of the Road Back Home

Our journey is almost over. How we conduct the trip home and the arriving back home -- these reset who we are and how we think and feel and understand ourselves, our families, our home, our future. Going home is bittersweet. (And yes, Advent runs all the way through Epiphany on January 6.)