November 30, 2014 - January 4, 2015

We've heard the Christmas story a thousand times. But what was it really like to be, not only Mary, but Mary's mother? St. Anne is historically revered and seen as the patron saint of childbirth and her symbol is a door; she represents the courage to give birth to something, to allow newness and hope. But let's go further -- some folks welcomed the pregnant couple to stay at their house, in the stable. What was that woman like; how did she make that decision? King Herod the Great had ten wives; one of them heard him give the order to kill all the little boys in David's village; since Herod routinely had members of his family and circle of power assassinated, was this not news to her -- or was it a grim reminder, about her own children? This Advent, let's see the coming of the Christ through different eyes.


Saint Anne… and Plans

Elizabeth… and Purpose

Herod’s Wife… and Trust

Mary... and Strength

Christmas Eve: The Hospitable Woman… and Grace

Anna in the Temple… and Vision

The Journeying Wise One… and Belief