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When light passes though a lens, it is bent or "refracted." It is changed. We all see the world through the lens of our own experience. Here, Journeyers share some of those experiences and lenses with you. Refractions is Journey's community blog presenting stories, images and sounds that show how Journeyers see the world and the Divine. Contact Micha to add your contributions.

This project was very dear to our late pastor David Gentiles and is dedicated to his memory.

Blessing of the Magi
Jan Richardson

There is no reversing

this road.

The path that bore you here

goes in one direction only,

every step drawing you

down a way

by which you will not


You thought arrival

was everything,

that your entire journey

ended with kneeling

in the place

you had spent all

to find.

When you laid down your gift,

release came with such ease,

your treasure tumbling

from your hands

in awe and


Now the knowledge

of your leaving

comes like a stone laid

over your heart,

the familiar path closed

and not even the solace

of a star

to guide your way.

You will set out in fear

you will set out in dream

but you will set out

by that other road

that lies in shadow

and in dark.

We cannot show you

the route that will

take you home;

that way is yours

and will be found

in the walking.

But we tell you

you will wonder

at how the light you thought

you had left behind

goes with you,

spilling from

your empty hands,

shimmering beneath

your homeward feet,

illuminating the road

with every step

you take.


-- Jan Richardson

The Blessing

The blessing


“Thank you for receiving,” she said as

She anointed my palms up hands

With blessed, perhaps holy water


Palms out

I received the blessing

I did nothing to deserve

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